terça-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2014

Yes i can!

Well i'm finding myself in that kind of situation that i don't fucking know what to do with my life. I don't see nothing evolving and it's freaking my pants out!! This should be a thing of a teen, but i'm 21, almost in 22, and i don't have a clue of to do with my future. It's that a problem? Oh god why am i so complicated ?
And then, to put a little more of drama in my life, i'm dating a guy who doesn't what an exclusive relationship, and i really like that fucking monkey, and he doesn't give a damn. Could it get worst? Obviously it can!!
This month i have no job, i'm broke, and i'm not even in school yet, to learn the german , which would bring me a lot of more opportunities of getting a better job and also study at the same time.
Maybe i just should start praying for all of the god's to see if any of them will reply me. But they are more than busy to listen to this crap , and even worst, listen me! Cause i'm not exactly the type of a good girl. Unless is what my life experiences record says! Sometimes i think is karma, but then i think again and i get the conclusion that i'm not that bad person. I steal once in a chinese shop, but i was really needing a belt otherwise my pants would fall. Maybe i could also had steal a bike when i got drunk of partying , but was old already. what can i say? Nobody will miss it.. i hope!
But to get a closure on this i have to find a way to get my shit together, to love myself more and not accept a guy who doesn't really wants me, i'm better than that, i always were, why not stay the same? Could be the german air... but i can't let it affect me cause the force is with me! Maybe i could use some inspirations of the suns of Darth Vader..
But back to the point , i will get trough this no matter what! I just have to say: YES I CAN!


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